Frequently Asked Questions

What is a purchasing Card?

It is a state liability Visa® credit card. This is the preferred method of payment for the purchase of commodities.

What are the differences in the types of accounts available?

Standard Purchasing Card Account – This type of account allows purchases for commodities. It does not allow travel expenditures.

Central Travel Desk Account – This account allows official business travel-related expenses that are normally direct billed, with the exception of meals. This is the preferred method of payment for travel-related expenditures. The card is issued to one individual in the agency or division responsible for making travel arrangements. Examples of allowable travel-related expenditures include lodging, airfare, shuttle, conference registrations, and vehicle rentals.

Dualized Account - Similar to the Central Travel Desk Account in that it is assigned to one individual in the agency or division but allows purchases of commodities and official business travel-related expenditures on one account.

Multipurpose Account – This is a decentralized account, with the cardholder carrying the card with them during travel, rather than a travel desk providing arrangements for the cardholder. This account allows purchases of commodities and official business travel-related expenditures, with the exception of meals.

What is a corporate travel card or individual business travel card?

It is a personal liability Visa credit card subject to the cardholder’s personal credit history. It is designed to assist employees with official business travel-related expenditures that cannot be purchased through the centralized travel desk account or direct-billed.

Why should I use a purchasing card?

The purchasing card is the preferred method of payment. Benefits include a more efficient and cost effective payment method, promotion of good vendor relationships due to payment within three business days, and quarterly rebates issued to the State based upon the quarterly volume of the card.

Can I make purchases on the internet?

Yes, provided they meet the guidelines of the Purchasing Card Policy & Procedure Manual. Remember to print out the receipt as backup for your payment.

Can we have a card issued to our department instead of to a specific employee?

No, cards are issued by employee name. Only the cardholder is authorized to use the purchasing card.

Can we use the purchasing card on statewide contracts?

For commodities, yes. For services, no, unless the vendor is a corporation. Please ensure that all bid processes established by DPMM are completed if necessary.

What 1099 reportable services can be used with the purchasing card?

The purchasing card can be used for services if the vendor is a corporation, with the exception of medical and legal services. Medical and legal services, regardless of corporate status, should not be purchased with the purchasing card. Once Visa becomes a QPCA (Qualified Purchasing Card Agent), more services will be open for use with the purchasing card.

Who will provide training for purchasing card cardholders?

Your Agency or Division Purchasing Card Coordinator.

What should I do if my purchasing card or corporate card is lost or stolen?

Immediately notify each of the following:

  • UMB Bank card security at 1.800.821.5184
  • Your Agency Purchasing Card Coordinator
  • Your Division Purchasing Card Coordinator
What do I do if a transaction is declined?

Your purchase may have exceeded a single transaction or monthly cycle limit, the MCC code is blocked for that merchant, or the vendor is not equipped to accept Visa as a payment. Please contact your Agency or Division Purchasing Card Coordinator.

What is an MCC Code?

The (M)erchant (C)ategory (C)ode defines what type of commodities or services a vendor provides.

Will the use of the purchasing card affect my personal credit rating?

No. The purchasing card is a state liability credit card.

Is there a tax exemption when making purchases with the purchasing card?

The State of Missouri does not pay state sales tax (not applicable with the corporate travel card). The tax exemption number is printed on the back of the purchasing card. Please advise the vendor, before beginning to checkout, that this will be a tax- exempt purchase.

How can I tell the difference between my state purchasing card and my personal credit cards?

The State of Missouri Purchasing Card has the state seal and the name of your agency embossed on the front.

Is the purchasing card issued with the agency or the employee’s name?

Both. The employee name and agency will be embossed on the card.

Can the purchasing card be used to obtain cash?


Can I use my purchasing card for personal purchases?

No. The purchasing card is for official state business purchases only.

What if my card is declined because it is an out-of-country purchase?

E-mail with the vendor name, the item you want to purchase, the amount and the description of the item. MCC blocks will be removed temporarily if an exception is granted.

What if I have a question that could not be answered in the purchasing card Policy & Procedure Manual or this FAQ page?

Please e-mail