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Please note that the rates reflected on the hotels’ websites may not reflect the government discounted rates. To obtain discounted rates, you should call the hotel and request the government discounted rate, rather than making reservations online. Use the federal CONUS rates as a guideline for costs. Lodging that exceeds the CONUS rate must be documented as necessary and approved by the agency. Also, please ensure the hotel knows that your stay is Missouri state sales tax exempt if using the State Purchasing Card.

Visit is external)then choose the Hotel/Motel listing for that city.


The links provided on this page are for your convenience only. There are no discounts, bonuses or incentives beyond the non-refundable fares offered directly by the carrier.

Domestic Airlines


The links provided on this page are for your convenience only. There are no discounts, bonuses, or incentives offered directly by the carrier.


The State Vehicular Travel Policy establishes guidelines for determining the most cost effective and reasonable mode of travel. State agencies may require more restrictive policies. Prior to a trip, agencies and employees are required to use the Trip Optimizer or other equivalent method to ensure they use the most cost effective vehicle option. An approved equivalent method is a waiver of the need to print the Trip Optimizer when the roundtrip mileage is 80 miles or less.

Personal Vehicle Mileage Rates

Mileage rates for personal vehicles are available. Access personal vehicle mileage rates information...

State Vehicles

OA Carpool is available for Jefferson City location only. Access carpool information...

Vehicle Rentals

The State of Missouri has vehicle rental contract services. Access vehicle rental information...

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