About the CARD Programs

State Purchasing Card

The State of Missouri and UMB entered into a contract in 1998 to provide purchasing cards to State agencies in order to reduce costs related to small dollar purchasing. The program has grown from just a few agencies to 29 agencies currently utilizing this powerful purchasing tool.

The State Purchasing card is the preferred method of payment for purchases up to $1,000 per transaction and $3,000 per month. Higher limits are available with prior approval through the Office of Administration and UMB. The p-card is flexible to allow participants to tailor the program to meet their individual agency needs.

Travel Desk accounts may also be used under the Purchasing Card program for centralized travel reservations and registrations to conferences. These accounts may be issued as a number only or with a plastic.

Several on-line reporting tools are available to allow for close monitoring and analysis of agency transactions as well as an automatic upload into SAMII for State agencies who wish to load transaction data with accounting code defaults. Contact one of the State or UMB administrators for more information on these options.

Personal Liability Business Travel Card

The Business Travel Card is a personal liability credit card offered to active state employees who meet the minimum requirements determined by the state's purchasing card contractor. The purpose of this card is to provide a good option for employees that frequently incur business travel expenses to use instead of relying on their own personal credit cards or cash. This option is primarily designed for expenses that are not paid through the state purchasing card program or other direct billing options. The Visa branded card is accepted at over 36 million locations worldwide and provides many travel benefits while out on the road. The state does not accept any liability or financial responsibility for any charges incurred by the business travel cardholders or for any payments due to the contractor.